SFiCE Foundation UK

Parminder Dhanjal - Founder and Director of SFiCE

I was a social worker for over 15 years, helping disadvantaged children and their families within the UK. As a child, growing up in India, I was touched by the lack of opportunities and conditions faced by the poor.

Having observed firsthand the plight of children from poor families, who were put to work at a very young age instead of attending school, I developed a strong desire to assist these children. 

In 2009, I set up a charitable foundation called SFiCE. My goal was to provide an education to as many street children as possible, giving them a chance to get out of the cycle of poverty.

In 2011, I decided to open SFiCE Social Cafe in Nottingham UK, to ease the effects of food poverty faced by vulnerable people within the city. I soon realised that a number of the visitors to the cafe were unable to communicate in English. This prompted a need to address this issue so I organising free English classes. My passion is to improve the health and well-being of not only the service users but also the wider community. 

In spite of many challenges, I feel that the work is extremely rewarding and I sincerely hope that SFiCE will be able to grow and evolve with the changing climate and continue to provide a valuable service for many years to come. 

Jackie Morley Board Member / Treasurer and Fundraiser

I spent many years in banking, traveling the Country, visiting branches and training staff to implement new computer, business, and accounting systems. I have also run a post office. Finally working in Adult Mental Health Services for almost 20 years. I have been blessed, as I have enjoyed careers in areas, both dear to my heart. Firstly, working closely with people who are vulnerable and socially excluded, secondly working with numbers.

These both fit well with the position of Treasurer for SFiCE, where people are important and valued and there is a constant need for accurate accounts and bidding for money to keep the projects alive. I met Parminder two years ago when I saw and heard what SFiCE was achieving I was very keen to join her and use my skills to help. I am glad that I did, volunteering with SFiCE is interesting, rewarding and very worthwhile.


There are a number of volunteers working behind the scenes who work tirelessly for SFiCE foundation in India and Nottingham, UK. Doing such work as Administration, website maintenance, event organisation, food preparation, serving, Cafe setup and much more.  Without their support, SFiCE Foundation would not be able to function to its full capacity. 


Link Workers

Anjali Pradeep Mulay - Pune, India

Anjali is based in Pune and acts as the link worker for SFiCE Foundation, The Charity and its partner institutes in Pune, India. Anjal is an active member of Rotary Club of Pune Pashan, and this year their honorary secretary of the club.

We are actively looking for Link Workers across India. If you are interested in joining the team please contact us at info@sfice.org